Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Koi Fish Pond at Union Station

Sea Lion Show Auditorium at The St. Louis Zoo

Abraham Lincoln's Home in Springfield, Illinois

We went to St. Louis Missouri for Memorial Day weekend this year.  I took a few pictures and I will share them as I get them edited.  These images represent sort of the beginning, middle and end of the trip.

I have not made any photographs for a while and I feel like I owe and explanation.  Whether or not I actually do owe on you will get one none the less.

First, and I think most importantly, I have not felt inspired by anything to make an image with my camera.  The worst thing I can do is create a contrived image.  It was nice to make some pictures on this trip but bear in mind that they are purely recreational and by no means an artistic endeavor.
Second; I have been creating images as you have seen by my last few posts I have been making small paintings and drawings.  These will continue as long as I have something to say with them.  If you are not privy to the concept- Places in the evolution of mankind both past and present that have had an impact on the direction of the race.  Still working out the concept but it is coming together and more will be posted soon.
Third; I have been extremely frustrated with not being able to find a teaching position.  After seven years of college and three degrees, great recommendations and a stellar record I should have had no problem.  This is not the case.  Things have stagnated and it has come time for a change.  I have applied for my Masters of Science in Art Education at Northern Illinois University and will be attending this fall.  I am SO looking forward to getting into an academic setting again and start making some serious art work as well as honing the craft of teaching art.  

Reading list

Finished Reading
Treasure Island- Robert Louis Stevenson

Reading Now
The Man Who Knew Too Much- G.K. Chesterton

"Them that die'll be the lucky ones"
Long John Silver
Treasure Island

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