Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Work to Show

I am really into this new project right now.... I think I can call it a project...... Still working on the premise of land usage, maybe abuses to the land/environment. I like the idea of nature taking over what is left behind by people. It is sad to see what we do to our environment. More on that later.
I am looking at how the images are taken. I am thinking I need to work a bit more with the DOF... maybe explore my subject a little more with the viewfinder before I make an image- different angles, etc. I am still in the shoot and run mentality; I need to slow down a bit. I am also happy with the effect of the bug view-point images. I think they are a little bit more dramatic (if that is the right word) definitely more interesting.
Reading List is the same. I am looking for new books. I think the next one will be How the Other Half Lives by Jacob Riis. He was one of my favorite photographers from photo history class in college and I haven't read any of his work yet.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Couple of New Images

I really have nothing to say today..... it is late and it has been a long day- a lot of those lately. I just finished scanning and thought that these needed to be seen. The bottom one was from the last roll I processed; the other two from the new roll. More to come soon.
Reading list-
Reading now-
Montcalm and Wolfe
Looking for new books.
Going to bed.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Here are a few more images. As I am editing these I am more attracted to the images that are close-ups but look like landscape vistas. These images were created in construction areas; I am thinking about going out into the farmland and making images in a similar style there too. I am wary of making images in one place, or type of place. These images are............ not really sure what to say about them now. I have been tossing around the term 'constructed landscape' in my mind; in the sense that they look like landscapes but, they are man made and will not last forever. I am not sure if there is something there or not. I think if I am getting good results in the farmland it might go in another direction. I am thinking I need to play a little with depth of field and see what comes of that. Anyway, I am rambling now so.....
Reading list-
Finished- The Secret Agent- Joseph Conrad
Reading Now- Montcalm and Wolfe- The French and Indian Wars- Francis Parkman
(It's a long book so it will take me a while to get through)

I know what I need to do; I am pretty sure how I need to go about doing it; and I know where I want to be in the end. Give me time to work because it is a work in progress.
It is not a race my friend.... it is a marathon.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Man, It Feels Good To Be Working Again!!

It has been a while since I have felt this good about making photographs; or, about the photographs I have made. I have three rolls of film in the editing stage right now. These images are a couple that feel successful and I couldn't wait to share them. There will definitely be more to come.
If you have read my previous posts you will understand that I am focusing on the aspect of land; it's usage; it's form and shape, the details within it, etc. etc. Clearly through these images and the previous and following images there is a sense of neglect and misuse. It seems as if I am drawn towards that aspect. I feel that we are not conscientious enough of the immediate impact we have on our environment and I hope to show our collective carelessness through the images that I present.
All comments and constructive criticism welcome.
Reading List-
Same as last time.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Focus

Over the last six months I have found it very difficult to be behind the lens. I have had no inspiration and when I did something it didn't seem to work. I have spent most of that time drawing, reading and working... mostly reading and working. It has been a very trying time. The other day; Sunday to be exact, I had a little glimmer of inspiration. There is a new development of townhouses going in down the street from my house. On my way home from work I decided to go and see what would happen. I loaded up a roll of film and ran through it. Instead of doing what I normally do I decided to look from a different perspective. My focus in previous projects has been on development and land usage. I have recently thought that the 'land' part of my work has not gotten enough attention so, here I am focusing more on the land itself. It is a beginning and I am able to see some potential in it which is important. I think it is time to get back to work. More images to follow.
Reading List-
The Jungle Books- Rudyard Kipling
King Solomon's Mines- H. Rider Haggard
Reading Now-
The Secret Agent- Joseph Conrad
Up and Coming-
Montcalm and Wolfe- The French and Indian Wars- Francis Parkman
Still looking for the art teacher job. I am ready to teach high school students how to be artists if there is a high school ready for me.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Older Drawing - New for You

chalk pastel, conte crayon and guache on cardboard
I did this drawing two summers ago at the Oswego High School Art Summer Camp. It has been rubbed down a little so it has lost some detail and will have to be reworked a bit.
I only show this now because I am still working through a slow period in the creative areas of my brain... it will come along.... it has to.
Reading list update;
The Rough Riders- Theodore Roosevelt
The Jungle Books- Rudyard Kipling
Next up-
King Solomons Mines- H. Rider Haggard
Picked up today-
Montcalm and Wolfe- The French and Indian War- Francis Parkman
The Secret Agent- Joseph Conrad