Monday, August 10, 2009

The Bigger Picture

The artists process if filled with doubt and critical self reflection. Difficult to see the road ahead. Not satisfied yet. At some point the process will change for the better...... some point soon. Encorporating new projects is key. The goal is to make this more than what I had intended; what fun is that anyway? Work ethic, sympathy, understanding, willingness and an open mind will get me futher towards the goal. No idea what the goal is in practical terms but I'll know when I am on the right track. A rich life is fucused on the journey rather than the destination.
A document. Four blue tillers folded and stored at the curve of a gravel road near the train tracks on a cloudy day. The grass is green on either side of the gravel road. Not really sure why other than maybe the symmetry/anti-symmetry going on in the image... It is balanced yet unbalanced...... does it matter? Could just be because I think about it from time to time and that makes it stand out... If it sticks out in my mind; that may mean that it is important.. prolly not but,

Had to go back for this one. Located in Ashmore, Illinois. I had finished up and was about to move on when I walked by the window. Too bad bout the glare in the window... not there at the proper time of day. Still I think it might say something... Religious imagery in my work has been limited because of my hangups. Not anymore. Sometimes I set limits for myself without even realizing. Still squaring up too much but, sometimes it works well. Not saying that it does here...
Something that makes Ashmore unique. When I go to a town I will drive through the town for a few minutes. If something jumps out at me I will stop; if not, I will move on.

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