Thursday, July 29, 2010

Places Everyone!

What is it about a place that makes it interesting?  Why do we go back again and again; whether physically or in our thoughts?  What makes that place stick out in our minds?  These images are of a few places that I have frequently visited in my life time and I keep coming back to.  They hold a place marker in my mind without any good reason.  They are just there. 

Another theme that has been in my thought pattern- Placement.  How is the decision of placement come upon?  On all levels.  It is a concept that, as an artist, is very important.  The structure should serve some purpose whether aesthetic or functional.  The decision was made, but why?  No good answers; only conjecture and suppositions on the part of the viewer.  Is it my place to tell or is it better left unsaid? 
Who can tell?

No artist desires to prove anything.
                                                                  Oscar Wilde

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